Ankush Vijay Patil’s Aarya Pan Shop in Maharashtra , Sangli

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2 min readDec 6, 2022

This is me and my story, might be you few must think about me and the greater part of you should be not, so here is my story.

I belonged to a poor family from sangli, I did my tutoring from Sangli Highschool, when I was in seventh grade I moved to my uncle’s(Vijay Patil) place and conveyed my reviews from that point, each day I used to took after a routine of going to class and from there on I used to help my uncle in his business, he use to run a Pan shop and it was very well known and gradually I started to take in the business and step by step client began expanding, my uncles shop began developing, because of the family responsibility I couldn’t examine further, despite the fact that I wanted to contemplate further and I needed to leave my schooling halfway, I cleared out my tutoring when I was in tenth grade. what’s more, thereon I began concentrating more on my uncle’s business, soon I began my business of Pan shop and buckled down towards it, following quite a while of hard work, now we at AARYA PAN SHOP every day we pitch 800 to 1000 Pan, we have more than 10–14 varieties which include Kolkata pan, chocolate pan, magai pan, banarasi pan etc.and also, we have picked up part of prevalence in Sangli and close by zones. its all by god’s beauty and my uncle(Vijay Patil’s) help, I am growing step by step.

I truly need to thank everybody who has been a piece of success purposely and unconsciously.

Much obliged to you, individuals of Sangli and much obliged, to my each client.

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